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AFAS CRM software you can easily record all contact moments with relationships. 

  • Relationship management
  • Integration with your administration
  • Sales & Forecasting
  • Marketing
  • Customer service



CRM Software system

Use CRM software to manage your relationships. Record your customers, prospects, employee, suppliers and applicants in the CRM.

To provide good service to your relations, it is important to record data clearly and centrally. This way you have a complete and up-to-date overview of your relationships and accurate details. This is exactly the core of our CRM system. All information about your relationships is in one integrated system. This includes data from (potential) customers, supplier data, correspondence, campaigns, quotations, but also financial data.

In AFAS CRM, relationship management is the core of all your business processes. The digital file is a good example. You can consult and supplement all activities related to a customer, employee or relationship. By connecting CRM to your most important business processes, you get a complete file including; customer visits, e-mail traffic, quotations and invoices. All in the one file.

The advantages of the AFAS CRM system:
  • Create a complete picture of your customers & relations
  • Build your own (customer) portal
  • One-time commitment for the entire organization


CRM Software components 

Our CRM solution is extremely versatile. A selection of the integrations with other business processes:


CRM & Files 

A clear overview: all relevant correspondence is grouped together per relation. Whether they are generated automatically or added manually. With our software you work from one database. This way, all departments in your company have insight into the activities surrounding your relations.

Does your customer calls with a follow-up question? Enter his or her name and you will see everything you need to know. Record everything in one system. 

Some examples:

  • Request via the website
  • Contact moments
  • Files from other systems
  • Notes

CRM & Finance 

Always accurate data. For example: a customer just moved to another office, this is reported to customer service. Customer service will then change the customer's address details. Because you work in the same system, this is also immediately adjusted for the financial department. And vice versa, the rest of the organization gains insight into the payment behavior of customers through the same file, if you have the correct authorization of course.

Some examples:

  • Invoices are going to the right contacts
  • Invoices are placed directly in the file
  • Automatically send reminders
  • Specific agreements are visible everywhere

CRM & Forecasting 

The Forecast is perfect for capturing information about potential customers. Record how far advanced a sales process is, what the expected order value is and what the competition is like. This way you have up-to-date insight into future sales and you can steer on targets. |

The integration of Forecast and campaigns also makes marketing activities transparent and measurable. See immediately what a campaign has cost and how much it has delivered. 

Some examples:

  • Capture information about potential customers
  • Insight into future sales
  • Insight into marketing activities
  • Targeting


The life of your HR department becomes a lot easier. An employer is an organization, an employee is a person, so record this in CRM. For example, data is never duplicated in a separate HR system and is always up-to-date because employees can keep track of their own data. And will an applicant be employed? Then you start the employment process with all the data you already have. This saves the HR department a lot of input work and thus reduces the risk of errors.

Some examples:

  • Employee files can be accessed from anywhere
  • Enter name and address details once
  • Correspondence is centrally recorded
  • Applicants enter their own data


All business processes together in one ERP system

The CRM system is the basis of our ERP software. This software can digitize and automate your business processes. Our ERP software can be completely configured through your company. You can organize the processes the way you want. And that means you can make connections with other departments and business processes. All business processes are then linked together for a seamless experience.

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Gain insight with dashboards

Which orders can you expect soon? How many events take place and how many visitors will participate? With the built-in dashboards you have all these insights. Business Intelligence is a standard part of our software and ready for immediate use. Without extra costs!

A selection of the standard CRM dashboards available:

  • Open forecast
  • Scored forecast
  • Unscored forecast
  • Forecast by industry or department
  • Files
  • Open workflows
  • Event intelligence
  • Course management


Streamline and standardize 

your business processes

Automate it and discover the benefits!




All customer data in one customer relationship management system
AFAS CRM, easy to connect to all your favorite tools

Your customer data must always be up to date. How do you take care of that? By capturing everything in one place. With our API (we call it a connector) you can easily link everything to the AFAS CRM. For example, you can link to your favorite e-mail program or survey software. By linking the systems, all data is automatically updated: customers, contracts, contacts, and more.

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