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CRM software allows you to easily record all contact moments with your clients and prospects, helping you to manage and maintain strong relationships

  • Relationship management
  • Integration with your administration
  • Sales & Forecasting
  • Marketing
  • Customer service


CRM Software system

Efficiently manage your business relationships with CRM software, which allows you to record your customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, and applicants in one central location.

To provide excellent service to your relationships, it's crucial to have a clear and up-to-date overview of all data. This is where our CRM system excels, as it offers an integrated platform for all relationship data, including (potential) customers, suppliers, correspondence, campaigns, quotations, and financial data.

In AFAS CRM, relationship management is at the core of all your business processes, exemplified by our digital file feature. This allows you to access and update all activities related to a customer, employee, or relationship. By integrating CRM with your key business processes, you can access a complete file that includes customer visits, email traffic, quotations, and invoices, all in one location.

The advantages of the AFAS CRM system:

  • Create a complete picture of your customers & relations
  • Build your own (customer) portal
  • One-time commitment for the entire organization

CRM Software components 

Our CRM solution is extremely versatile. A selection of the integrations with other business processes:

CRM & Files 

Gain a clear overview of all relevant correspondence with our software, which groups all correspondence per relationship, whether it's generated automatically or added manually. Working from one database, all departments in your company have insight into activities surrounding your relationships.

If a customer calls with a follow-up question, simply enter their name, and you'll have access to all the information you need. Record everything in one system for easy access and management.

Some examples:

  • Request via the website
  • Contact moments
  • Files from other systems
  • Notes

CRM & Finance 

Always have accurate data at your fingertips. For example, if a customer moves to a new office, the change is reported to customer service, who can promptly update the customer's address details. Since everyone works in the same system, the financial department will automatically receive the updated information. Similarly, with the right authorization, other departments in your organization can access the same customer file and gain insight into payment behavior.

Some examples:

  • Invoices are going to the right contacts
  • Invoices are placed directly in the file
  • Automatically send reminders
  • Specific agreements are visible everywhere

CRM & Forecasting 

The Forecast feature is perfect for capturing information about potential customers. Record the status of a sales process, expected order value, and competitive landscape to have up-to-date insight into future sales and steer towards targets.

The integration of Forecast and campaigns also makes marketing activities measurable. With this integration, you can see the cost of campaigns and the corresponding revenue, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Some examples:

  • Capture information about potential customers
  • Insight into future sales
  • Insight into marketing activities
  • Targeting


Managing HR becomes much easier with our CRM system. By recording employees as individual persons in CRM, you can eliminate duplicate data entry in a separate HR system and ensure that employee information is always up-to-date since employees can update their own data. When an applicant is hired, the employment process can begin with all the data already in the system, saving the HR department a lot of input work and reducing the risk of errors.

Some examples:

  • Employee files can be accessed from anywhere
  • Enter name and address details once
  • Correspondence is centrally recorded
  • Applicants enter their own data


All business processes together in one ERP system

At AFAS, we believe that customer relationship management (CRM) is at the core of any successful business. That's why our ERP software is built on a powerful CRM system that can digitize and automate your business processes. With our software, you have the flexibility to completely configure the system to fit the unique needs of your company. This means you can organize your processes in a way that makes sense for you and connect different departments and business processes seamlessly. With all your business processes linked together in one ERP system, you can enjoy a seamless experience that streamlines your operations and boosts your efficiency.

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Gain insight with dashboards

With our built-in dashboards and business intelligence features, you can quickly gain insights into important aspects of your business. You can easily monitor upcoming orders, track events and attendees, and access other critical information all in one place. Our software comes with standard business intelligence features, so there are no extra costs for you to use it. Stay ahead of the competition with our powerful tools at your fingertips.

A selection of the standard CRM dashboards available:

  • Open forecast
  • Scored forecast
  • Unscored forecast
  • Forecast by industry or department
  • Files
  • Open workflows
  • Event intelligence
  • Course management

Streamline and standardize 

your business processes

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All customer data in one customer relationship management system
AFAS CRM, easy to connect to all your favorite tools

By connecting all your favorite tools to the AFAS CRM system, you can ensure that your customer data is always up-to-date. The AFAS CRM system is equipped with an API (or connector) that allows for easy integration with other systems, such as your email program or survey software. This means that all data related to your customers, contracts, and contacts is automatically updated across all linked systems. With this level of integration, you can maintain a complete and accurate overview of your customer relationships without the need for manual data entry or updating.

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