Automate your business processes with AFAS ERP Software

Streamline all your business processes and workflows with AFAS Software. It’s all there; HR, billing, procurement and accounting. 
Reduce the administrative burden and focus on the core business of your organization. 





One complete software system

Administrative processes are often tedious, so automate it! Our software is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be totally adapted to fit the needs of your company and your industry without expensive custom-made software!

The benefits:

  • Monthly payment plan
  • No expensive custom-made software
  • Rapid implementation of our software
  • No maintenance costs; free and automatic updates


Our main Software components 

All components work together from one database



Streamline and standardize 

your business processes

Automate it and discover the benefits!




One solution with ERP-Software

Working with ERP software (compared to separate software solutions) offers advantages. In fact, you are assured that the various processes are coordinated. This way you don't have to build complicated links, login to all kinds of different systems and get your information from anywhere.


Your database  
in your pocket

With the AFAS Pocket app you can search for all of your business contacts, check their contact information or get directions to their office through the Google Maps integration. And browse through the entire customer dossier, so you enter your next appointment fully prepared. 

Discover the possibilities of AFAS!