Automate your HR processes with AFAS HR Software

With AFAS, you can streamline your HR processes and minimize administrative burdens by arranging salary processing, leave management, absenteeism tracking, and recruitment & selection all in one click. Enjoy the ease of having all HR-related matters in a single, user-friendly platform.

  • Optimally serve employees with self-service
  • Payroll integration
  • Insight into your current situation with one click


More time for what really matters

Eliminate administrative chores

As an HR manager, a significant portion of your work may revolve around administrative tasks such as leave request processing and employee absence registration, leaving you with limited time to focus on core responsibilities like personal development, career planning, and employee coaching - areas that you are most passionate about.

Fortunately, with AFAS HR software, you can automate many of your daily administrative tasks. The Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) features allow employees to take ownership of their administrative tasks, which not only reduces mistakes but also improves overall efficiency. This shift in responsibility from managers to employees can free up your time, allowing you to focus on more meaningful tasks that align with your passions.

Employee Self Service

Involve employees in HR-processes

AFAS HR software provides Employee Self Service (ESS), enabling you and your colleagues to easily access and modify your HR data, such as submitting leave requests or expense claims. This user-friendly feature is available digitally to everyone 24/7, both through computers and our Pocket app. With ESS, you can save time and prevent errors by managing your HR data independently, rather than relying on the HR department.

Manager Self Service

HR tasks for middle management

AFAS HR software also includes Manager Self Service (MSS) to involve middle management in HR tasks. This feature enables managers to perform tasks such as approving expense claims and assessing employees, reducing the workload on the HR department. By automating HR processes and delegating responsibilities to the right people, there is more room for vision, advice, and policy development. This allows the HR department to focus on more strategic initiatives, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Payroll integration

Easy integrate payroll with AFAS HR-software. Data is located in one central place, so all processes follow each other.

You control and the system automates. Your employees perform their own administrative tasks with ESS and MSS. Therfore, it is easy see the overall picture, which saves time!

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HR & AFAS Pocket app 

The AFAS Pocket app empowers your employees to manage their most important HR matters with ease. With up-to-date insight into their pay slips and leave balances, employees can easily submit declarations, report sick leave, book their leave, and register their hours worked, all through the app.

The AFAS Pocket app is fully integrated with the AFAS software, enabling employees to handle all their HR matters in one convenient location. By taking charge of their own HR tasks, employees can ensure faster processing times and accurate data, ultimately benefiting the HR department and the organization as a whole. 

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Applicant Self Service: your own 'Careers' site

The standard recruitment process can be burdened with time-consuming administrative tasks, from setting up the vacancy to preparing for the first day in the office.

AFAS streamlines this process by offering a central location for all recruitment-related tasks. By connecting OutSite (website) and InSite (intranet), you can even create your own application portal. Candidates can enter their own data, and the HRM system automatically initiates interactions with them through our Applicant Self Service feature. This reduces the workload on the HR department and ensures a more efficient and organized recruitment process.

Furthermore, our HR software provides solid management information that can be consulted to monitor the recruitment process effectively. With AFAS, you can take control of the recruitment process, making it simpler and more streamlined than ever before.


Streamline and standardize 

your business processes

Automate and discover the benefits!


Gain insight with dashboards

With AFAS's BI dashboards, you can access all the important data from your HRM software in one clear visual display. Whether you need insight into leave management, absenteeism, or wage scale development, all the information you need is readily available. This provides you with valuable insights and substantiation for making strategic choices.

Our Business Intelligence feature comes as a standard part of AFAS HR software, without any extra costs. This makes it easy to access and use, providing you with an efficient and cost-effective way to stay on top of your HR data. With AFAS, you can make informed decisions based on real-time data, ultimately contributing to the success of your organization.

A selection of the standard HR dashboards available:

  • Reflection principle
  • Occupation
  • Formation management
  • Wage garnishments and loans
  • Labour costs
  • Wage changes
  • Pay scales 
  • Payroll arrangements
  • Succession Planning 
  • Absenteeism
  • Leave of Absence
  • Fleet 
  • Recruitment 


Connect your branches worldwide 

Are you an international business with offices or factories abroad? Imagine having one international employee portal for all your HR administration needs. With AFAS HR software, you can automate administrative activities across borders, all in the cloud and always up-to-date. This streamlines your HR processes, making them more efficient and saving you time and resources.

Our software can be adapted to meet the local laws and regulations of the countries in which you operate, ensuring compliance with local legislation. With AFAS, you can manage your HR processes on a global scale, making it easier to coordinate and communicate with your international teams. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing HR processes across borders and hello to a simplified, efficient, and streamlined solution with AFAS HR software.

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