Efficient Payroll management 

With AFAS Payroll Software, you can streamline the payroll process, ensuring that responsibilities are delegated appropriately and automatic checks are in place to ensure accurate and timely payments. This results in a more efficient payroll system and ultimately saves your business time and resources.


Control your payroll administration

With the Payroll Auditer 

In collaboration with our customers we have developed the Payroll Auditor. This personal assistant helps you check your payroll process and prevent errors, ultimately saving you time on double-checking remuneration.


Integration with HR 

AFAS payroll software is fully integrated with our HR platform, ensuring a seamless transition from HR administration to payroll processing. With Employee Self Service (ESS), employees can manage their own payroll administration, such as submitting hours worked or declarations, which are then immediately processed in the payroll software after approval. This streamlined process minimizes errors and saves valuable time for both employees and HR administrators.

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HR & AFAS Pocket app 

With the AFAS Pocket app, your employees can easily take care of their most important HR matters on their own, without needing to go through HR personnel.

  • Declarations
  • Payslips
  • My details
  • Time registration
  • Leave of absence 

The AFAS Pocket app is seamlessly integrated with our AFAS HR & payroll software. It empowers employees to take care of their HR matters themselves, resulting in fast and accurate processing of changes.

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Gain insight with dashboards

Our AFAS BI dashboards allow you to visualize important data clearly and turn raw data into understandable information. This transparency enables better management of results. Additionally, you have the ability to filter the information you need. Business Intelligence is included in our software as a standard feature, with no extra costs.

A selection of the standard payroll dashboards available:

  • Wage garnishments and loans
  • Labour costs
  • Wage changes
  • Development wage scales
  • Social key figures
  • Leave of absence

Streamline and standardize 

your business processes

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