You automate your business processes with Workflow Management

Workflows are the core of automation. Opt for standardization and structure with AFAS Software too!


Workflows connect with our ERP software

By capturing your organization's business processes in our powerful software, you ensure that processes always run in a structured, efficient, and often even automated manner.

You can easily create workflows yourself, but you also benefit from all the processes we have set up for you. Choose a workflow management system that truly helps you automate your business processes!

Curious about what our workflow management system can do for your organization?

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One software solution for your organization

With workflows as the connecting factor

Workflows & CRM

All relevant documents are available per (customer) relationship. These often arise automatically as a result of business processes. Working from a single database gives you insight into everything you record on the relationship: from contact moments to finances.

Some examples:

  • Automatic mailings (in the file)
  • Processing registrations of individuals
  • Contact moments with employees
  • Completed requests via the website or customer portal

Workflows & HRM

From application to departure: you and your employee have experienced a lot in the meantime. An application, progress discussions, a contract extension, and potentially an offboarding process. Workflows are involved everywhere. And there's significant potential for gains through automation.

Some examples:

  • Workflow-driven discussion cycle
  • Clear HR requests through the workflow
  • Digitally signing employment contracts
  • Automatically processing an expense claim in payroll

Workflows & Finance  

From the initial quote to the final invoice: all components of the financial process are documented. These are driven by workflows throughout your organization. Once approved, they are immediately processed in the financial system.

Some examples: 

  • Sending reminders automatically
  • Generating automatic journal entries
  • Getting invoices approved by colleagues
  • Alerts on contract end dates

Projects & Ordermangement

Thanks to the integration of order management with your accounting, it is always up-to-date. This provides you with insight into your logistics and numerous opportunities for automation through workflows.

Some examples:

  • Matching goods receipts
  • Purchased materials causing changes
  • From procurement to sales and from quote to invoice
  • Communicate with your customers through a dedicated portal

Build your own Workflows

Hundreds of workflows are readily available for you in the template.

A workflow is a combination of tasks and actions from one or more subprocesses. You can handle, reject, explain, delegate, or transfer tasks. Of course, a significant portion is also automated. With workflows, you automate business processes!

  • Standardize business processes with workflows
  • Automate steps in the workflow process
  • Create your own workflows
  • Create custom fields
  • Common workflows are pre-configured in the template

You can find the template in the brochure


Need to proactively inform colleagues about something happening in the system? Signals will assist you. When a workflow task is completed, an automatic signal is sent to an employee or department. You can also convert a signal into a new task or generate a signal at a specific time. This way, you'll never forget your coworkers' birthdays or when a contract needs to be renewed.

Workflows included in the Template

Over the past 20 years, more than 12,000 customers have chosen our software. Based on these experiences, we have developed a template. This template can be thought of as a fixed framework where common processes are ready for you to use. And, of course, you do this based on the best practices of your industry. This way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself and you can adopt a (current) approach that saves you time and money.

From expense claims, onboarding new employees, to IT requests and invoices. In the template, hundreds of processes are already automated by default. So, you not only get an excellent workflow system, but you also make significant strides in your business automation quickly.

You can find the template in the brochure

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