AFAS Pocket
The power of AFAS software in your pocket.

AFAS Software in your pocket

Doing your daily work has never been more convenient. With the Pocket app you experience the full power of our ERP suite on your phone or tablet. Acces your full CRM database, take leave, track your working hours and finish al your to do's, right from the app. 

On the road and want to glance at the customer dossier? Or forgot to take a day off? With the Pocket app its just a few taps away. 

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Do it all with the AFAS Pocket App

Your full business software application, in your pocket

Taken & signalen


See an overview of all your work to do's. Of course you can also mark them as done or postpone them, all from the app.



Always be in the know with quick alerts in the AFAS Pocket app. Just swipe to mark as read. 



Follow all the latest news from your organisation, even when you're on the road.



You don't need other apps to send a message to your collegues, just use the Pocket app. All in sync with your CRM.

CRM - Contacten


Manage all your business contact, search for adresses and look up contact details.



insights in ocupation of different teams and department. See who's at work and who's not. 

Mijn profiel

Personal info

Changed your address or contact information? See and modify all of your personal info, right from the app.



In the app it's easy to start a new workflow, to do or request from your phone. 

Wie is wie

Who is who

Forgot the name of the collegue you just met at the coffee machine? Just look it up in the app.


Expense claim

Easily file your expenses by taking a photo of your bills with the app.

Uren boeken

Time tracking

Track working hours per customer or per project, right from your phone or tablet.



Want to take a day off or plan your summer holidays? Just a matter of seconds with Pocket.


Pay slips

Full insights in all your pay slips, always at hand when needed. 

Ziek melden

Report Sick

Being ill is inconvenient enough as it is, so we made the administrative side as pleasant as possible. 

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CRM in je broekzak

Your full CRM database  
always in your pocket

With the Pocket app you can search for all of your business contacts, check their contact information or get directions to their office through the Google Maps integration. And browse through the entire customer dossier so you enter your next appointment fully prepared. 

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Also available on iPad

 This allows you to do work very easily, even when you're not at the office.

AFAS Pocket on Ipad